Februari 25, 2014


What is up two thousand and fourteen?! My oh my it's been a year since my last blog post! Hahaha. Not a thing to be proud of though. Haha. 2013 was a year full of activities! That is why this blog is neglected. LOL what an excuse. So, how's your 2013? Hope it was a good year for you. Well it was for me. I learned a lot. In many aspects. But I think the most important thing is not how good or bad your year went. The most important thing is that you learned something from what you have done throughout the year. And those lessons shall be carried away to the new year as your guidance so that this year can be a better year than the last.
Now I want to talk about things that I want to do in 2014. Yes, want. Hopefully they all will come true this year! Hoho.

Save, save, save!
It's not exactly a new thing since I have been saving some since end of last year. But this year, I gotta save even more! My goal is to have my emergency fund fulfilled. I'm not a finance person, but I have a lot of friends who are more experts at finance. They told me that before saving and or investing on other things, we have to have what is called the emergency fund. The names says it all. It's sole purpose is for emergency situations. We will never know what will happen to us in the future, not even in the next few seconds after you read this sentence. Therefore when we have this fund, it can cover any emergency needs without having to bother our regular expenses. This fund can also be used as a backup fund if we lose our job. We can use this fund to live our lives just as usual while looking for another job. The average time for a person to get a new job is 3 months. Therefore emergency fund is suggested to be as much as three times our regular monthly expenses. If you want, you can make it three times your total income. Surely will take longer time to save, but you'll end up richer. Hahaha.

A fitter body!
Is there even such word? Fitter? Hahaha. I mean fit as in healthier and in a better shape. If you follow my Twitter account, you must have known that I injured my knees and that I am on medication, and in that period of time I am prohibited to run. Darn. Yes I hate this so much. But that's okaaay... It's getting better now. It might take some time. So my friend had similar injury on his knees, and it took him almost one year to recover. Therefore, I need to have another exercise. The thing is I don't do a lot of sport. I've discussed about that in one of my posts the other day. Besides, I want to try to do some thing new. Things that I never do before. Muay Thai was on the top of my list. After discussing with one of my office friends who has been doing Muay Thai for quite a long time, I decided to try another sport. Hahaha. He said Muay Thai uses a lot of feet. Kicking, jumping, and everything. All of the sudden this sport sounded very hazardous. I mean, come on, that's "knee all over the place"! So one day, some of my friends and I bought this 1 month membership voucher in one of the leading fitness centers in town. Then the idea to actually sign up for permanent membership popped up. I will focus on my upper part body, since I can't do much on the lower part hahaha. So I did! I did sign up for a permanent membership. Did it cost a lot? Well it's okay. I am a person who needs to know the measurement of my sacrifices before committing on something. And I guess that's okay. The sole purpose is for health anyway. And health is an investment. It might be expensive, but getting ill can even be more costly. ;)

Jamie Cullum and Natalie Cole LIVE
The annual Java Jazz Festival is coming! And Jamie Cullum is on the list! As well as the legendary Natalie Cole! Oh my goodness I really need to see those two. I've been listening to them for more than 10 years! Let's save for it!

Publish a book
Whoa! Yes it is as crazy at it sounds. And it is good to have a crazy wish sometimes. As long as it's still positive and beneficial, why not? :p I guess, if this really happens, it will be adapted from my blog posts. It will take lots of time and effort and everything. Hmm. Let's see!

I don't know. I have to have a video camera, a new laptop (my laptop just died forever, I wrote this post using Blogger app on my phone), and topics to vlog about. My idea is to have a culinary vlog, if you know what I mean. My wildest dream job is to be a host for some kind of culinary tourism programs. Hahaha. Everyone is paying for what I'm doing, on the other hand, I get paid for that. Isn't that awesome? Don't you think? But..hmm..I can't film myself eating. That would be awkward. Hahaha. I need a partner, I guess?

New adventures
This can be defined variably. But overall it's about new things. I want to try new things. New job perhaps? LOL so explicit. No.. I mean, we have to open ourselves to opportunities, right? At this age, I think I must not limit myself to opportunities. Opportunities that will grow us into better a person of course.  Let's see. Or..let's Google. :P

Last year I went to Singapore and Batam. It was a lot of fun. I want to travel more while I'm still young. Haha. BUT, this year I want to travel with more learning and values. I want to go to places and actually learn about the place, the environment, the nature, the people, the culture, and not just having fun and spend cash at that particular place. Nothing wrong with spending cash to have fun during traveling or vacation, seriously. But by having more values in our travels will teach us to respect our environment and everything around us. That, money can't buy. It seems too idealistic (?). I guess that's fine. We would not have lamps if Thomas Alfa Edison thought that creating a light bulb was too idealistic. Now here I am talking like a motivator. Hahaha.

Relayout this blog
Do I have to? Is my design for my blog is still "current"? Give me your thoughts. I think I have to tweak some parts here and there.

There maybe some more plans that I will have along the way. But these are for now.
So, what's your plan for 2014? All the best for all of our plans this year!

Have a superb 2014!


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KAMPINSKI mengatakan...

Ada kok "fitter": http://c581154.r54.cf2.rackcdn.com/enlarge/20669.jpg

Do, kalo udah publish ajarin gw ya. Kasi tau seluk beluknya. Hihihi.

Traveling+new adventure: backpacking lah Do. Di nusantara banyak destinasi. Di luar apalagi. And also, buy a train ticket for a long ass journey... in economy class.

"Is my design for my blog is still "current"? Give me your thoughts." --> In my opinion, lebih penting fokus pada isinya, daripada bungkusnya. Your design is fine, btw.

Redo Timothy mengatakan...

Thanks for reading Qis!

Iya. Anak kantor gue ada yang mau bikin usaha penerbit gitu bareng kenalan2nya. Okee will do! Doain ya!

Waah backpacking masih terdengar seram di kuping gue yg newbie ini hahaha. One day Qis! One day!

Fokus pada isinya. Hahaha okesip! Terimakasih banyak. Really appreciate it!

Anonim mengatakan...

Do, yuk di relayout blognya! trus sekalian bikin vlog nya, gue dukung! yeyy!! btw i moved my blog too hehehe project 2014 :D

Madhava Kunthi daneswari mengatakan...

Haloooo, i come from batam.. hhh
kamu bisa ke singapore from here just 30minuteshhhhh,

chn mengatakan...

Wah apakabar ini blog? hahahahaa

tempat wisata di singapura : tempatwisata.biz.id mengatakan...

nice resolution
semoga semua bisa tercapai ya